The 2 initiate matchmaking and you will Chris Traeger ensures that they is ok with Jerry Gergich

The 2 initiate matchmaking and you will Chris Traeger ensures that they is ok with Jerry Gergich

During the “Ron and you can Tammys”, Chris Traeger support Ann Perkins take a health-associated PSA. Their dedication to make it finest, filming just take immediately after grab, reminds Ann Perkins of some out-of their grounds to not day him.

Inside the “Pawnee Rangers”, Chris Traeger fits Jerry Gergich’s girl Millicent Gergich. Jerry Gergich states he is okay on a couple of them relationship, far so you can Chris Traeger’s happiness. Chris Traeger and you may Millicent Gergich go along with her to April Ludgate and you may Andy Dwyer’s Halloween night, that have Chris Traeger putting on a costume just like the Sherlock Holmes, his favorite character. Immediately after Chris Traeger starts to pure online lose exposure to Millicent Gergich, he enlists Donna Meagle, Ann Perkins, and you will a hesitant Jerry Gergich to aid your. Ann Perkins tells him that he is too available and needs so you’re able to back a bit. In “Bowling getting Ballots, Millicent Gergich terminates the relationship, making your depressed.From inside the “Process Ann”, Leslie Knope convinces Chris Traeger that he is still an excellent likeable individual hence the guy should disregard Millicent Gergich’s view. So it generally seems to brighten Chris Traeger, however in “Dave Returns”, Chris Traeger finds out Tom Haverford’s reference to Ann Perkins possesses the next away from notice-realisation when he faces Tom Haverford about it. In the same occurrence, whenever Andy Dwyer requires Chris Traeger so you can sing to possess him (because he is working as a backing performer on the Andy Dwyer’s venture song to your strategy), the guy sings “Need Me personally Off to golf ball Video game” out of tune and with the incorrect lyrics, leading to everyone truth be told there to help you cringe.

Seasons 5

Inside the seasons five, Chris Traeger still being employed as Pawnee’s City-manager. Their depression is actually leftover away using frequent classes with a therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard.

Ann Perkins requires Chris Traeger to get the father regarding their kid thru into the vitro fertilization. They are reluctant at first and you will transforms to help you Ben Wyatt and other people to simply help your make up your mind. Immediately following “Bailout”, he informs Ann Perkins which he may be the dad and you will both start parenting being compatible assessment observe how good it work including increasing a child. During “Jerry’s Later years”, they generate an article-coital choice so you can resume a connection, however, Ann Perkins is not sure if they must continue its matchmaking the way they are now actually.

Year six

Into the season half dozen, Ann Perkins and you can Chris Traeger try enthusiastic about the outlook from becoming moms and dads. They go observe Dr. Saperstein, who is Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and you may Mona Lisa Saperstein’s father, to have an enthusiastic ultrasound and he provides them with an item of papers bearing the latest gender of their child. The brand new anticipation gets to them, and they unlock they. not, they are unable to see clearly. Dr. Saperstein organizes another meeting and you can suggests that they are with a good guy.

Ann Perkins and you will Chris Traeger intend to log off Pawnee to increase their child during the Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chris Traeger delivers his job as the City-manager so you’re able to Ben Wyatt.

For the ‘Ann and you may Chris’, a disappearing group is actually thrown for them, including all of the fundamental social getaways all year round. Chris Traeger has prepared careful, customized gift suggestions for all of your guys on Parks Department, and therefore actually leaves them effect accountable. At the conclusion of the newest event, Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger quote an excellent tearful goodbye on the family members and then leave getting Michigan.

Inside the “Galentine’s Time”, Ann Perkins offers birth on their kid, Oliver Perkins Traeger. Ann Perkins states Chris Traeger is like a birthing advisor the latest nurses asked your to aid having other birth that is taking place on the hospital.

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